Felt Dinosaur: Roar!!!!!

felt dinosaur

At school, someone gave my daughter the great idea of making a present for a special person in her life. Well, L.Y. chose her little brother. Who can be more special than him? She came from school very excited with lot of ideas in mind. She wanted a stuffed animal.  So she recruited me to help her. I had some green and orange felts and googly eyes. So she decided to make a felt dinosaur.

Well, it did not go that way or, at least, the part of me helping her. Of course, after 5 minutes into the project, I was making the dinosaur and she was supervising me.

Oh boy! She wanted everything perfect as she imagined it. The problem was that she had the whole idea in her mind and I’m not a super human with telepathic abilities. But somehow I figured it out and here is a picture showing the finished felt dinosaur.

felt dinosaur-2

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