Activities for Christmas

This is the Christmas activities we have been doing this year.  I found most of these activities in the internet.  I don’t want to get credit for them but you can click on the links to see our own version of them:

  1. Make a wish list holder
  2. Decorate the bedroom doors with Christmas wrap
  3. Make a stable with sticks
  4. Pin the nose on the snowman
  5. Make a Christmas tree with Styrofoam cone and tinsel
  6. Movie night
  7. Play present scramble
  8. Make a snowman with homemade clay dough
  9. Make a snow globe
  10. Eat rice pudding and learn how Christmas is celebrated in Norway
  11. Make ornaments
  12. Make a stable on bread and  peanut butter
  13. Make crystal snowflakes
  14. Make tortilla snowflakes
  15. Make costumes and act out the Nativity story
  16. Bake and decorate a cake and celebrate Jesus’s birthday
  17. Bake gingerbread cookies

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