Christmas in Norway

Picture1Somewhere I read that Nordic people eat rice pudding during Christmas.  They call it “Christmas porridge”.  One of the Christmas traditions they have is to serve bowls with porridge to children.  One bowl has a hidden almond. The child who finds it gets a prize, which is called “the almond present”.

I found this story pretty interesting and could not wait to incorporate it as part of the Christmas activities to teach my kids about other cultures.

This year I bought pudding and a popcorn tin, wrapped them individually, and put them under the Christmas tree.  The kids got the pudding as part of the advent calendar activities.  The popcorn tin had a label on the wrap that said almond.  After one of my kids found the almond in her cup of pudding, I told her to look for the “almond present” under the Christmas tree.  Since the prize was popcorn (which I did it intentionally so the one who got it could share with the whole family), we all enjoyed popcorn that night and learned about Christmas in Norway.


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