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Fresh from the oven

Cookie decoration

My daughter and her friend just baked some gingerbread cookies and the house smells so good.  We always bake gingerbread cookies a couple of days before Christmas.

We always do them from scratch, which I prefer.  However, this time I bought a gingerbread cookie kit in Walmart.  One of those only-add-water cookie mixes.  Besides the advantage of the kids being able to make the cookies by themselves without me supervising every single step, I liked this kit because it included a set of ninja cookie cutters.  The box calls it ninjabread cookie cutters.  These cutters made our tradition a little bit different this year.

This is the kit I bought in Walmart.  It includes 4 cookie cutters.

Ninjabread Cookie Kit

These are the cookies before going into the oven.  The dough is very manageable and the shapes are pretty easy to make. 

Ninja cookies

The cookies don’t taste as good as the ones made from scratch.  However, I love the new version of the gingerbread man.

Ninja Cookies

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