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Martin Luther King craft project

I cannot believe we are almost in mid January.  Time flies.  In a couple of days, we will be commemorating Martin Luther King’s Day.  To celebrate it, I propose this DIY Coaster with a free peace dove decal.  Here is how to make it with step by step instructions:

Tools & Materials:

  • 1 Salt dough recipe
  • Dough rolling pin
  • Round cookie cutter of approximately 3″ diameter
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Peace dove decal
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • Gloss Glaze (In this project, I used Triple Thick Brilliant Brush on Gloss Glaze, which I bought in Michaels)

5 Simple Steps:

1.  Use and follow the instructions for the salt dough recipe.  Knead the dough until 1/2″ thick.

2.  Cut the dough using the cookie cutter.  Let it dry.

Peace Dove Coaster Craft

3.  When the dough cutout is dry, paint it on both sides and the edge to protect the coaster from absorbing liquids.  Let it dry.

4.  Print out the Peace dove decal and color.

4.  Glue the decal on the dough cutout using Mod Podge.

5.  Finish the coaster with the gloss glaze.  As in we did in step 3, apply the glaze on both sides and the edge.  If necessary apply two coats of gloss glaze to make a very thick layer to protect the surface from any liquids.

Place your new DIY coasters on your table and enjoy!

Peace Dove Coaster Craft

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