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Paper Roll Love Birds

Valentine paper roll kid craft

I had some paper roll rings left from my Paper Roll Heart Wreath project.  They were already painted and had glitter on.  Somehow they were getting a cute bird shape, which gave me an idea.  Why don’t I make a Paper Roll Love Bird craft?  So here it is.

Tools & Materials

Valentine paper roll kid craft

  • 1 Toilet Paper Roll
  • Pink and red acrylic paints
  • Pink and red fine glitter
  • Red, pink, orange, and white construction paper
  • 2 Googly eyes
  • 1 Orange chenille
  • White glue
  • Regular and wave patterned scissors
  • Paint brush


1.  From the toilet paper roll, cut out 2 rings of 1/2″.   (Paper rolls tend to unroll when cut.  If that happens, glue any loose ends.)

2.  Paint one ring in pink and the other one in red.  Let them dry.  (The paint will cover any imperfections the rings might have and will make the final product brighter.)

3.  Apply glitter on.  (This is kind of obvious but just in case, apply the pink glitter on the pink ring and the red glitter on the red ring.)

4.  Shape the rings like birds pressing on one side to form the tail.

Valentine paper roll kid craft

5.  Legs: Cut 2 chenille sticks of 1-1/2″ each.  Bend each one in half.  On the bent side, twist each one a little bit and separate the other end  to make the foot.

Valentine paper roll kid craft

6.  Beaks: Cut out 2 little triangles from the orange construction paper.

7.  Wings: As shown in the picture above, cut 2 little wings from the pink and red construction paper.

8.  Assemble and glue the legs, beaks, wings, and eyes on the birds.

Valentine paper roll kid craft

9.  From the white construction paper, cut out a heart.  Then, using the wave patterned scissors, cut out a red heart a little bigger.  Glue the white heart on the red one.

10.  Draw and color a tree branch on the white heart side and glue the little birdies on.

11.  Finish the Paper Roll Love Birds craft with a ribbon and hang it up.

Did you like these Paper Roll Love Birds?  Leave a comment below!!!  I would love to hear from you!!!

Interested on more projects?  Picture11 

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