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Fruit Leather Tulip Basket

Fruit Leather Tulip Basket |

Woohoo!!! Spring break is finally here. I just got some time off to sit down and relax.  I could not wait to have a time to share this tutorial with you.

The other day I was surfing the Internet and saw a picture of tulips.  Right at the same time, my son started to eat a Fruit Roll-Up next to me.  The Roll-Up he was eating had exactly the same colors of the tulips.  It was like he was eating tulip petals.  That gave me the idea of making a Fruit Leather Tulip Basket.


  • Fruit Leather in different colors (I used Fruit Roll-Ups*)
  • Green straws
  • Basket
  • Floral foam for the basket and extra foam to stick the tulips in as you make them
  • Easter grass

Easy Steps:

Before starting to make the tulips, put the fruit leather in the fridge for about 5 minutes to harden it a little bit.

Fruit Leather Tulip Basket |

Cut out a 2″ petal from a soft cardboard to use it as a template.  Then use the template to cut the petals from the fruit leather.  Use a pair of scissors or knife.

Put 3 petals on a straw to shape the tulip.  Press the bottom of the tulip to make the petals to stick to each other.  I did not use anything to “glue” the petals on since the fruit leather is already sticky.  If they are not sticky enough, wet them a little bit.

To make the leaves, just cut a piece of green fruit leather and round an end.  Then put the leave on the straw.  Make sure you cover the straw completely around such as one edge is stick on the other edge of the leave.

Fruit Leather Tulip Basket |

As you make the flowers, stick them in the foam and put them in the fridge until you are ready to arrange the flowers in the basket to prevent them to become droopy.

After all the flowers are made, arrange the tulips in the basket and finish it with Easter grass.  Keep the flowers in the fridge until you are ready to display them.

*Lesson Learned:  While I was making the tulips, I was baking a pizza at the same time so my kitchen got extremely hot. Then I noticed that the tulips were droopy. I put the flowers in the fridge and after 5 minutes or so the petals were sturdy enough to hold their shape. I do not really know for sure if the flowers became droopy because of the kitchen temperature since I left them in the fridge until I gave them to the kids.  After that, the tulips did not last long.  I will definitely make them again since they are very easy to make and are kids-approved (yes, my kids loved them) but next time, I will try another brand of fruit leather or probably make my own so I can try with different textures.  If you try this project, let me know what brand you used and how it turned out.

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