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Candy-Filled Chic Fashion Hats

Candy-Filled Chic Fashion Hats | grasspotato.wordpress.comWith this warm weather and the blooming flowers, say bye to scarfs, boots, and winter hats and welcome Spring fashion with these Candy-Filled Chic Fashion Hats.  Just use your surplus of Easter eggs and a little bit of imagination to make these chic hats.  These fashion goody hats are perfect for your Easter or garden tea party or perhaps your little princess birthday party.  Any occasion you choose to make them, they will surely be tons of fun to make.


  • Easter eggs
  • Felt
  • Small candies (Make sure they can fit in the small side of the Easter eggs)
  • Poster board (or any thin cardboard)
  • Embellishment (ribbons, rhinestones, flowers, feathers, sequins, etc.)
  • White glue
  • Aluminum foil or any other material that does not stick in contact with white glue
  • Weights (I used little rocks from my yard)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks


1.  Open and separate the Easter egg.  Using the circumference of the egg, trace a circle on the poster board and cut it.

Candy-Filled Chic Fashion Hats |

2. Fill up the small side of the egg with candies.Candy-Filled Chic Fashion Hats |

3. Glue the poster board circle on the egg. Candy-Filled Chic Fashion Hats |

4.  Cut out a circle of 4″ diameter from the felt and glue it on the bottom of the egg.Candy-Filled Chic Fashion Hats |

5.  Mix white glue with a little bit of water and spread it considerably on the bottom of the hat, only on the loose part of the felt.

6.  While the hat is still wet, make 4 rolls  out of the aluminum foil and stick them under the hat, equally distant from each other.  Push the felt between the aluminum foil rolls down with weights.  Let the hat dry.Candy-Filled Chic Fashion Hats |

7.  Glue the ribbon on and finish your chic fashion hat with some embellishment.

Candy-Filled Chic Fashion Hats |


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