Hi!  I’m Addy.  Thank you for visiting my website.

I’m a proud mom of 2 beautiful kids, a girl, L.Y., and a boy, W.A, and wife to a U.S. Naval Officer.

Around 2012, it started to trouble me that my kids were changing their view of Christmas as a family tradition to a more consumerist one.  Their Christmas wish list was growing by the day.  It needed Santa and all the elves to deliver all the presents they wanted and the TV commercials were not helping.  I refused to let it go so I decided to start a new Christmas tradition as a way to teach my children about the true meaning of Christmas.  We started doing the advent calendar. It was such a success that even my hubby joined us with the activities each day.  After Christmas, we continued doing projects on a regular basis.

We love to do experiments, get messy, and be creative.   We also like to make fun and tasty recipes and  I love to see their faces when they finish their projects.   It is not about “buy me this” or “buy me that” anymore.  Now my kiddos are focusing more on experimenting and creating.

That is what Grass Potato is about.  This site is about easy and inexpensive kids crafts, do it yourself projects, and yummy recipes.

If you have any ideas or an experience you would like to share or you just want to say something, feel free to contact me.


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