I usually (most of the time) feature crafts and projects that I conceptualize, plan, and develop.  However, sometimes I get inspired by crafts and projects in the Internet.  To those people who share their work, I would like to say thank you and give them their deserved credit.

Here is a list of the websites that have inspired me:

  1. Paper Roll Heart Wreath inspired by 4CrazyKings

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Disclaimer:  This list represents the websites in which I have found some inspiration.  This list does not necessarily constitute a list of the original sources.

If you believe I have credited your work to another website, please follow the instructions below to get credit for your work.

  1. Send me an email with the subject “Credits for inspiration”.  (The subject will help me to classify and distinguish your email from spam.)
  2. The email must contain the URL address of the post showing the original source.  Do not send your website home address.  The URL address must go directly to the post showing your work.
  3. A short explanation of why you believe I should credit your work as the original source of my inspiration.  The explanation shall include evidence of the date you exhibited your work (e.g. post date, craft fair flier with date, etc.).  The exhibit date must be earlier than the work I have credited above.
  4. The craft and/or project I have credited above must be an exact reproduction of your original work.  Credit will not be given to similar crafts and/or projects.

If you cannot comply with all of the instructions above in their totality, I reserve the right of publishing your website in the above list.

This list has the sole purpose of giving credit to the posts that have inspired my creations.  This list is not intended to promote or endorse, in any way, the aforementioned websites.